I’m a go-getter; I just can’t prove it yet

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I won’t do many of these types of posts. But there are a few milestones along this journey I could really use some extra UMPH to get through.This milestone is the “Go-Getter Grant.” There are five steps for a Team In Training athlete to obtain the go-getter grant and I have completed four of them.

The final step is to raise $250 this week. If I can do that, Team In Training will put an extra $100 directly into my account. I could really use that! // After all, I would rather spend my time training than fundraising. //

So if you’re looking to make any year-end tax deductible donations to a good cause, please consider me. You can use your credit or debit card directly from my support page. I’d be forever grateful. It’ll help me prove that

I’m a go-getter!

Love to you all!

// Enough of that. Ugh. Now on to swim practice… //