Fits Like a Glove!

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I caught the flu bug last week and it has kept me down for the last seven days. UGH! So sorry to neglect my updates during that time. I’m on the rebound now and feeling better.

Just before I was sequestered to my bed, I had the privilege of meeting Daniel at the Denver Fit Loft. He spent a few hours with me and did a Retul 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit on my new Scattante CFR LE road bike. Being new to the sport I didn’t know what to expect but… Read More


Just in Time for Snow

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Kind of ironic that the same day I purchase my first swim fins it would snow a couple inches here in Colorado. I thought the two should meet. Tropical fins, meet arctic snow. Arctic snow, meet tropical fins. I guess I should get used to this as I’ll be doing the majority of my training through winter. Read More