Just keep swimming!

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You all know by now that swimming is my worst event of the triathlon // Okay, of any sport I’ve ever done. Haha. // I think I’m to the point of actually hating it. There are moments where I feel it’d be easier to just get eaten by a shark. Just let me go with one chomp… quick and easy. But multiple people encouraged me this week to Read More


I feel like a deviled egg drowning in Cholula

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There are quite a few perks about living in Denver—one of them being all the amazing restaurants I get to experience. // Side note: I haven’t actually moved yet since all the rental details haven’t worked out. But I still spend heaps of time there since I work there now. Anyways… // One of the restaurants I frequent is Steuben’s. They have the most amazing deviled eggs I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect start to any meal. Read More


Just in Time for Snow

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Kind of ironic that the same day I purchase my first swim fins it would snow a couple inches here in Colorado. I thought the two should meet. Tropical fins, meet arctic snow. Arctic snow, meet tropical fins. I guess I should get used to this as I’ll be doing the majority of my training through winter. Read More