To be honest


Just keep swimming!

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You all know by now that swimming is my worst event of the triathlon // Okay, of any sport I’ve ever done. Haha. // I think I’m to the point of actually hating it. There are moments where I feel it’d be easier to just get eaten by a shark. Just let me go with one chomp… quick and easy. But multiple people encouraged me this week to Read More


Knowshon’s Tears of Passion

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Did you all see this? Un. Believable.

I’m shocked to read all the spiteful comments toward Knowshon Moreno after Sunday’s display of passion; especially from the lazy people sitting on their couches. This guy has spent the last two years of his life (since his injury) making a comeback for himself, his family, and his team. He had an incredible game against the Patriots the week before and was getting revved up to beat the Chiefs. Read More


I can overcome.

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// Warning: This is a pretty honest post. I’ve included it in my “To Be Honest” category because, to be honest, I hate when people say that. I mean, it pretty much categorizes everything they said before that point as questionable. Haha. So, this category and post is dedicated those “to be honest” peeps. You know who you are. Honestly! //

Those of you who know me know that I’m a pretty confident person—I make quick decisions, I’m an aggressive (but safe) driver, I’m a strong leader, I have a level head on my shoulders, I shake hands with a firm grip, and I look people in the eye when I’m talking to them.

But that’s just a facade. Read More