Top Secret Sunset Marathon

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I had never run a marathon until tonight.

I hadn’t been training for one either, so finishing 26.2 miles tonight was a fairly epic accomplishment for me. When my buddy Stephen Ray asked me to do it yesterday I thought he was crazy for asking. But crazy is normal for an UltraMan and he’s no stranger to crazy. Or is it normal?

I said yes. Read More


and so it continues…

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I guess they’re right. Triathlons are addicting. It’s more than being an excellent swimmer, cyclist and runner, though…

It’s setting the bar higher than normal.
It’s being intentional about meeting goals.
It’s the grunt of working hard… consistently.
It’s the feeling of accomplishment.
It’s the excitement of being part of a team.
It’s the challenge of time management.
It’s the rush of an unknown adventure.
It’s the process of self refinement.
It’s the possibility of // maybe // inspiring someone someday.

All of the above is why I’m drinking the triathlon Kool-aid.

So my tri venture continues this Spring… Read More

Success: Lavaman 2014

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Some have expressed an interest for me to post an update on my trip. So here you go. Before I proceed I want to say AGAIN how grateful I am to those of you who supported me financially on my first tri venture. It was an experience of a lifetime and I’m super honored to have raised $4,732.71 toward cancer research. With that said, I’m happy to report

I did not drown.

// Those of you following my journey know I was anticipating a drowning death. Haha. // Here’s a recap of race week… Read More


Kona Bound & Live Tweet Info

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Whelp, the final workout is complete and my bags are packed. Five months of training has led to the events commencing this weekend. My flight leaves at 5:45 am from Denver and will arrive in Kona at 2:14 pm.

I want to take a moment to say another HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who financially supported me on this journey. I’m on a jet plane tomorrow because of you. Thank you.

And future generations of cancer survivors thank you too!

I realize I have neglected writing blog posts the past few weeks—it’s just been insanely crazy. For those who are interested, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I will spit out updates here and there before the race but I’m exciting to announce that

Esther will be live tweeting from my account

during the race. You don’t want to miss that. If you want to follow the live tweeting, you can take note that the gun will fire for my wave at 7:25 am Hawaii-Aleutian Time (UTC-10:00) which is 11:25 am in Colorado (Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-07:00).

Chris Twitter: @cn_ovie
Chris Instagram: cnoverton
Esther Twitter: @Queen_Es1

I’m honored to be competing for each of you and for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I think I look pretty good in purple, don’t you think? 😉

Love to all,


The Course Part III: Run

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The Lavaman Waikoloa run is a 10 kilometer run that is one of triathlons most scenic. The run starts with a lava field run, then on fast street sections and then a tour through the Hilton Waikoloa Village resort grounds. The run finishes with epic one mile single track beach trail to the sandy beach finish line. Read More


The Course Part II: Bike

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The Lavaman Waikoloa Triathlon bike is a 40 Kilometer trek on a portion of the Ironman World Champion Bike Course. As I prepare to conquer the bike portion of the triathlon, I’m super glad I’ve spent so much time on the Manitou Incline this year. 2,000 ft elevation gain in less than one mile is slightly crazier than the sea level to 400 ft bike ride I will encounter here. Hopefully training at altitude will help me on this course. Read More


Just keep swimming!

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You all know by now that swimming is my worst event of the triathlon // Okay, of any sport I’ve ever done. Haha. // I think I’m to the point of actually hating it. There are moments where I feel it’d be easier to just get eaten by a shark. Just let me go with one chomp… quick and easy. But multiple people encouraged me this week to Read More


Knowshon’s Tears of Passion

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Did you all see this? Un. Believable.

I’m shocked to read all the spiteful comments toward Knowshon Moreno after Sunday’s display of passion; especially from the lazy people sitting on their couches. This guy has spent the last two years of his life (since his injury) making a comeback for himself, his family, and his team. He had an incredible game against the Patriots the week before and was getting revved up to beat the Chiefs. Read More


I feel like a deviled egg drowning in Cholula

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There are quite a few perks about living in Denver—one of them being all the amazing restaurants I get to experience. // Side note: I haven’t actually moved yet since all the rental details haven’t worked out. But I still spend heaps of time there since I work there now. Anyways… // One of the restaurants I frequent is Steuben’s. They have the most amazing deviled eggs I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect start to any meal. Read More


Just in Time for Snow

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Kind of ironic that the same day I purchase my first swim fins it would snow a couple inches here in Colorado. I thought the two should meet. Tropical fins, meet arctic snow. Arctic snow, meet tropical fins. I guess I should get used to this as I’ll be doing the majority of my training through winter. Read More


You Want Me To Wear What?!

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So I never thought I could pull off anything tight or revealing. But, I guess I don’t have much choice in the matter if I’m hoping to finish the open swim without having to be rescued by a Baywatch Babe. Ur, on second thought…

Never mind.

In preparation for my first swim practice this this week I was told to purchase a pair of Jammers. Heh? Read More


And so it begins

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The gun has fired.

It’s official, I’m now a Team in Training Athlete. Today we kicked off this new season of training. I got to meet the people with whom I’ll be traveling this journey, gained insight into what training days will look like, and learned some tips on fundraising. I’m honored to be competing for Team In Training and the cause they stand for.

I hope I make them proud!