Fits Like a Glove!

By January 28, 2014 Cycling, Gear No Comments

I caught the flu bug last week and it has kept me down for the last seven days. UGH! So sorry to neglect my updates during that time. I’m on the rebound now and feeling better.

Just before I was sequestered to my bed, I had the privilege of meeting Daniel at the Denver Fit Loft. He spent a few hours with me and did a Retul 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit on my new Scattante CFR LE road bike. Being new to the sport I didn’t know what to expect but…

It. Was. Awesome!

He made me feel like I was a world champion cyclist preparing for Le Tour de France. I want to thank Daniel for treating my like a king // even playing my favorite country music during the session // and for taking such good care of me.

The first part of the session was a physical and flexibility examination. Much of the way a bike fits a person depends on their flexibility // who would have thought? //. He had me do a number of stretches and walks to see how my limbs all work together. My results:

Previous injuries:
Right lateral knee IT band syndrome
Knee joint pain during run on longer and after

Physical assessment:
Leg length 
discrepancy – NA
Hamstring flexibility – moderate from thoracic
Shoulder flexibility – high
Single leg squat – more external rotation on right. Pronation and valgus within normal range though.
Walking test – external rotation/neutral/ more rotation on right
Standing test – external rotation/neutral/ more rotation on right

From there he checked out my bike and make a few initial adjustments, based on the initial analysis, and secured it to the bike trainer and rotating platform. I was then hooked up with sensors at strategic points on my body for the Retul technology to capture. I rode for a bit, while the video recorded me and traced my motion on the screen. It calculated a bunch of numbers like ankle, wrist and thigh angles.


It also recorded the up and down piston motion of my knee. You can see the results below…


Notice how my right knee is tighter and more consistent with the up and down piston motion. I need to focus on making my left knee similar to my right.

After we analyzed the video and computer calculations, Daniel made the following adjustments to my bike:

Set cleats to neutral
Moved saddle up 5mm
Swapped saddle to Devo WTB
Rotated hoods down 1 degree
Moved saddle back 5mm

And now my bike fits like a glove!


I’m super happy with the results and so honored to be a part of this process. :)