Just in Time for Snow

By November 20, 2013 Gear, Swimming, Training 2 Comments

Kind of ironic that the same day I purchase my first swim fins it would snow a couple inches here in Colorado. I thought the two should meet. Tropical fins, meet arctic snow. Arctic snow, meet tropical fins. I guess I should get used to this as I’ll be doing the majority of my training through winter.

Coach Khem suggested I get a pair of Tyre medium length fins. I had to get a size larger than my normal shoe size because the rubber arch near the front cut into my big toe.

Tonight was my first team swim practice. I got assigned to “Lane 1.” At these practices, lane 1 is the beginner lane. I know, I know… I have a lot to work on. Swimming will definitely be my toughest challenge on this journey.

Some practical takeaways from tonight’s practice:

  • I’m not the best swimmer—and that’s okay. I’m jumping in and am going to be the best student these coaches could ask for.
  • I fight the water.
  • I need to slooooooooow down.
  • I burp a lot when I swim. Interesting.

I’m exhausted! Goodnight all!


  • Jessie Stough-Ambrose says:

    Tri training is one of the best adventures you will ever take! It helped me overcome so many insecurities…I could write a book about it! So good job & I look forward to following you :)

    P.s. I burped soooo much when I first started swimming haha! Sometimes still do!

  • Chris says:

    HAHA! So glad I’m not alone here, Jessie. I was trying to figure out what I had eaten before my swim. haha. I look forward to having you comment on my journey since you’ve been here before!!