My New Jordans

By November 27, 2013 Gear, Running, Training No Comments

Except they’re not Jordans.

But I’m hoping my new Brooks make me just as athletic as the infamous Michael Jordan. Success is all in the shoe, right? Haha. //I’m in marketing so the longevity of the Jordan campaign is simply brilliant.//

I spent the evening prior to my workout at Runner’s Roost. It’s my new favorite place to hang out //aside from my truck—which I’m living out of during this transition to Denver//. Philip //who was uber patient with me// did a gate analysis on my run and had me try on about 15 different pairs of shoes–videoing my run on each pair. It was spectacular to see how each unique shoe modified my landing, ever so slightly. I tend to strike with my heel just before I should and my right leg has a tendency to turn in. To help adjust for both of those issues:

I landed on the Brooks Pure Cadence //Last year’s model, mind you, which gave me a super sweet discount.//

The midsole drop in this shoe is only 4mm which means the heal is lower to the ground; helping me to strike it just slightly later than my current strike. It’s also a super lightweight shoe and conforms nicely to my foot. As I told Phil at the store tonight, “I want to control my shoe, not have it control me.” and the Pure Cadence let’s me do just that.

At tonight’s track workout with the Rocky Mountain Tri Club I got to put my new Brooks to the test. We did a series of intervals: Run 800m (sprint last 100),  jog back to start cone and run 600m (sprint last 100), jog back to start cone and run 400m (sprint last 100), jog back to start cone and run 200 (sprint last 100), jog back to 800m start cone. That’s one set. We did three sets. Good gosh!! I must say, I was super proud of myself—I kept up with the big dawgs and didn’t throw up at the end.

So take THAT Michael Jordan!