I feel like a deviled egg drowning in Cholula

By November 27, 2013 Swimming, Training No Comments

There are quite a few perks about living in Denver—one of them being all the amazing restaurants I get to experience. // Side note: I haven’t actually moved yet since all the rental details haven’t worked out. But I still spend heaps of time there since I work there now. Anyways… // One of the restaurants I frequent is Steuben’s. They have the most amazing deviled eggs I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect start to any meal.

I was there the other night, laughing and having a good time, when one of my friends drenched her entire egg in Cholula sauce. I was shocked. I thought to myself, “she just perverted the virgin taste of that deviled egg and completely ruined it.” It brought me back to the first part of tonight’s swim practice–drowning in my own chlorine water cholula. Learning to swim is tough. Head forward. Butt up. Stretch arms. Slow down. Don’t panic. Don’t breathe backwards. Don’t drown. That last one’s the hardest.

But I must say, some things “clicked” for me halfway through practice. I began to understand what it felt like to move with the water instead of fight it. In fact, coach Khem grabbed a quick video of me making my first swim without fins. No laughing…


I feel like I had to drown a bit before getting the hang of swimming. Sure, I have a long way to go! // Can anyone say windmill? Hahaha. //  Feeling like you’re drowning might be a part of the process to get better. To overcome. To accomplish the impossible. So back to Steuben’s, I’m not shocked by a smothered egg any longer. In fact, I tried one.

And I liked it.