The Course Part I: Swim

By February 11, 2014 Swimming, Training 2 Comments

The olympic distance triathlon boasts a 1500 meter (.9 mi) swim in the crystal clear waters of the Anaehoomalu Bay off the north shore of Hawaii’s big island.

A few facts about the swim:

  • Swim starts in waist deep water, will encounter depths to 65 ft
  • Marine environment warming: coral, sea urchins, SHARKS // okay, I added sharks for dramatic affect //
  • The water visibility: avg 60+ ft
  • Water temperature: avg 80° F

Assuming I don’t get eaten or drown, the transition will be a 500 meter run up the beach to the transition area:



And now on to the bike…


  • Tara says:

    Haha! I promise you won’t get eaten by a shark or drown!! I’m not gonna lie, as a person who couldn’t swim that, it’s a little. … intimidating. To say the least. But you, you have this!! Fun to see the course.
    Patrick is in a Tri this May. But his water will be 36 degrees. Eeesh. I bet yours will be warmer and prettier!

    • Chris says:

      Ugh, props to Patrick!! Since this will not be my last tri I imagine I’ll be swimming in “less than Hawaiian” conditions eventually. :) Thanks for your comment and encouragement, Tara!