Just keep swimming!


You all know by now that swimming is my worst event of the triathlon // Okay, of any sport I’ve ever done. Haha. // I think I’m to the point of actually hating it. There are moments where I feel it’d be easier to just get eaten by a shark. Just let me go with one chomp… quick and easy. But multiple people encouraged me this week to

Just keep swimming.

So tonight at team swim training that’s just what I did. And for the first time I felt like I could out swim the shark. Thanks to my teammates and coaches for your encouragement to keep pressing on. Because of you, I’m making progress! Here, I’ll prove it…

This video was taken at my first swim practice analysis:


A flailing windmill monkey, no doubt. I love at the end how I pop up as if to say, “Look Mom, I did it… one length!” Hahaha. Now look at the video taken tonight, two months later:


I’m making progress.

Thanks to all who have donated to my tri venture over the last few weeks. You’re such a blessing to me. I’m almost halfway to my financial goals—with only a month and a half until the race.

Love to all,

PS… your comments keep me going! Feel free to share your thoughts below…