Knowshon’s Tears of Passion

By December 2, 2013 To be honest, Training 4 Comments

Did you all see this? Un. Believable.

I’m shocked to read all the spiteful comments toward Knowshon Moreno after Sunday’s display of passion; especially from the lazy people sitting on their couches. This guy has spent the last two years of his life (since his injury) making a comeback for himself, his family, and his team. He had an incredible game against the Patriots the week before and was getting revved up to beat the Chiefs.

“Definitely hydrated,” Moreno joked on Monday. “I don’t know, I guess the slow motion made it look a little worse than it was.” Moreno insisted that he’s just an emotional guy, and he gets “fired up” to play. Excited to play this game, excited to be a part of this team, definitely blessed and privileged to be able to play this game,” Moreno said.

What we saw Sunday was a raw mixture of passion, adrenaline, and emotion bursting forth from deep within his core.

It was an external expression of an inward reality.

As I train toward competing in my first triathlon, I’m looking to channel and exude that kind of energy. This is not easy. They’re long and frequent workouts. There’s lots of equipment to acquire. There’s a lot of sacrifices to be made here. But it’s worth it to accomplish some personal goals and to help kick cancer’s butt. I want to cry my own #KnowshonTears because, only then, will I know that I’m working hard enough, I’m passionate enough, I’m dedicated enough to—not only finish this triathlon // and many more to come //—but

Finish well.



  • Kelly Williams says:

    Love this. You are darn right that anyone criticizing his tears is simply lacking an understanding of what it means to feel deep emotion. I’ve seen you work out and you give 100 percent. You will be amazing.

    • Chris says:

      Awwwwww, thanks, Kelly! And thanks for catching my slacker rowers the other day. It’s that kind of accountability I need to do well!

  • Jamie Davis says:


    I saw this as well, and was incredibly moved. I’ve seen guys get emotional about playing in professional sporting events, but it is usually towards the end of a tight game, or after a well deserved win, or heart breaking loss. What was so impactful for me about Knowshon’s tears was that they came before the game had even started. That to me simply shows how much he loves what he does, and is passionate about how he does it, which is also evident in how he plays the game. Too many players have substituted ego for passion, and that’s not good for anyone.

    The other thing that was amazing to me was simply the volume of liquid in the tears! DUDE, THEY WERE HUGE! There are some 3rd world countries who don’t see that much rainfall in a year. 😉

    • Chris says:

      HAAAAAHAHA, preach it, Jdawg! Super good point about it being at the beginning of the game. Talk about revving up an engine!