Top Secret Sunset Marathon

By April 26, 2014 Running, Training 2 Comments

I had never run a marathon until tonight.

I hadn’t been training for one either, so finishing 26.2 miles tonight was a fairly epic accomplishment for me. When my buddy Stephen Ray asked me to do it yesterday I thought he was crazy for asking. But crazy is normal for an UltraMan and he’s no stranger to crazy. Or is it normal?

I said yes.

So we set out with a goal of finishing // fingers crossed // by 11pm.

I read a statistic today that only about 1% of the US population has finished a marathon—and of those, a small amount have finished under four hours. So that’ll be my next marathon goal… underFOUR. No, I did not make a grammatical mistake there. I think I just created a new brand. :)

So it was an exciting moment to surpass the longest I’ve ever run.

The next seven miles felt great. Running through downtown Denver was so much fun. We stopped traffic a few times and I almost ran into the side of a moving car. Haha. #dizzyrunnerproblems

The last three miles were probably the toughest for me. I had run out of gu and out of water // side note: Stephen Ray offered me a packet of his gu but I decided I had to live with what I brought myself // and my knees began to tighten up. But for some reason, the thought that I only had one Jack Quinn left to run gave me the energy to finish.

So the total time for my first marathon: 4 hrs 36 minutes. I’ll take it. Thanks, Stephen Ray, for your encouragement, words of advice, and for your willingness to go all out crazy. That’s the kind of normal I want for my life.

Grateful // and a little sore //,