Take Take Take It Off

By December 29, 2013 Nutrition, Training No Comments

The pounds, I mean. No, but seriously.

When released in 2006, I initially thought the popular Hillsong United song, Take It All shouted, “Take take take it off.” Ha! I sang that for so long that the original lyrics just seemed boring when I found out the truth.

I chuckled to myself during a spin workout at the gym this week. The day after Christmas I could sense people were in agony over how much they had eaten the day before. I saw huge muscle men trying to lift their “normal” amount of weight. Time and time again, I saw them pause in the middle of their set to take off a 25 or two.

“Take take take it off,” I sang to myself. Should have resisted that extra piece of pie, eh Mr. Buff Guy?

Moral of the story? There probably isn’t one. But here are a few thoughts:

  • Training has its ups and downs.
    I don’t always feel my best. But I still push forward.
  • Training takes dedication and sacrifice.
    My tummy didn’t munch on rolls with extra butter or three helpings of pie this year.
  • Training encourages an awareness of one’s limits.
    Even this most macho men have to reduce their weight every now and again. And it’s okay.

As I begin timing myself to compete in the 2014 Lavaman Triathlon I have a feeling this tune will become my mantra as I work to take take take off seconds (maybe minutes) from my personal records.

Take it off!


Fine Print:
The actual meaning of this song has nothing to do with losing weight, seconds, or pounds. :)