You Want Me To Wear What?!

By November 17, 2013 Training No Comments

So I never thought I could pull off anything tight or revealing. But, I guess I don’t have much choice in the matter if I’m hoping to finish the open swim without having to be rescued by a Baywatch Babe. Ur, on second thought…

Never mind.

In preparation for my first swim practice this this week I was told to purchase a pair of Jammers. Heh?

Jammers sound like the pants MC Hammer used to wear. The dictionary uses words like, block, congest, clog, crush, and bruise to describe a jam. That doesn’t sound very pleasing considering the priceless gems these jammers are supposed to cover. But digging deeper, I found that a Jammer is defined as:

“A jammer is a style of swimsuit worn by male swimmers, used mainly in competition to obtain speed advantages. They are generally made of nylon and lycra/spandex material, but may be made of polyester, and have a form fitting design to reduce water resistance. They provide moderate coverage from the mid-waist to the area above the knee, somewhat resembling cycling shorts or compression shorts worn by many athletes.” //Thanks to wikipedia//

So here my new jammers (I’m the crazy guy in the mirror). I feel legit and I’m looking forward to my first swim practice this Wednesday.